The MCO Program is proud to provide an atmosphere that is supportive and inclusive of students from all backgrounds. About 13% of current MCO students identify themselves as members of underrepresented minority groups, which attest to the program’s dedication to a diverse student body. The MCO Program also strives to ensure that any student with a disability has equal access to the educational opportunities, facilities and resources available in the program.

In addition, as a program within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, MCO students have access to a wealth of resources and support at Harvard University.  If you are considering applying to the MCO Program, the links below provide some useful information:

  • The Office of Diversity and Minority Affairs at The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has detailed and useful information about issues of diversity as well as descriptions of the activities of some of the student organizations at Harvard.
  • Perspectives is a comprehensive resource guide for minority applicants to the Graduate School.
  • For students with disabilities, the University’s Accessible Education Office (AEO) is able to offer a wide range of services, which are individually designed and based on the specific needs of each student.

There are also opportunities to meet with MCO faculty, students and administrators at events such as research talks on your home campus and national conferences and scientific meetings. MCO faculty, students and administrators regularly attend the following conferences every year.

If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact Professor Victoria D’Souza (Chair, MCO Diversity Committee), Michael Lawrence (Senior Administrator for Graduate Studies, MCO Program), or Michelle Cicerano (Coordinator, MCO Diversity Committee).