Throughout the MCO graduate experience, students have access to multiple faculty members as well as staff to advise them.

The "Neutral Advisor"

Incoming students are matched with a faculty member who can provide insight when students are going through decision making processes such as choosing areas of research and labs.  

Director of Graduate Studies

At any time, students also have access to Professor Catherine Dulac who is the Director of Graduate Studies for the MCO program.

Track Leaders

Faculty members, assigned to be track leaders, offer advice and guide students about elective course work and lab choices within specific areas of research.  The track leaders play an important role during a student's first year.

Faculty Mentor

In addition, by the 2nd year, each student will have joined a lab.  The professor who heads the lab will mentor the student’s research progress, guiding her/him to completion of the PhD.

Dissertation Advisory Committee

Along with the Faculty Mentor, each student will have a Dissertation Advisory Committee consisting of three additional faculty members who assist in monitoring and guiding the student in his/her research.

Graduate Program Administration

For non-research related questions, ranging from administrative requirements to finances and living in Cambridge, the professional graduate program staff is here to assist you.


Complementing these formal advising relationships, each student has daily interactions not only with members of her/his chosen lab, but also with other scientists throughout the wide-ranging Harvard research community.